Willis & Josephine Moody founded Harmony Hill Stock Farm in 1946, as a dairy farm. Now in its third generation, the farm is used for weddings & receptions and local farmers use the land to grow crops, harvest hay, & keep bees. We are located in the beautiful midcoast town of Warren, ME.


With fond memories of milking cows, haying and swimming in North Pond, I know my grandparents would be proud that their land continues to be used productively and that the community has the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful property and all it has to offer.


We are located in the beautiful midcoast town of Warren, ME


Weddings on Harmony Hill

 "Harmony Hill Farm is fantastic! The staff is friendly and accommodating and the space was perfect. We were inside for an evening event but the grounds are stunning, well kept and scenic." - Chris Almasi

"Harmony Hill Farm is a beautiful setting for any event. One of the best pictures ever taken of my family was against the outstanding red of their barn. The willow tree is a natural spot for a young couple to say their vows and the fields around the farm lend all the space you need for parking, running, playing and games. I highly recommend this gorgeous spot to anyone looking for natural beauty in a country setting. It's simply perfection." - Merrillee Clark Cheney

"If I could give more stars I would. Tammy was beyond amazing to deal with my endless questions! Her communication and response time is nothing short of amazing!!! I highly recommend!!!" - Sarah Polk

"We had such a wonderful experience working with Mark and Tammy, and the setting can't be beat. Plenty of parking, lots of nice touches. We highly recommend!" - Julie Brooks

"Working with Tammy and Mark was great. They were both super helpful, and always responded to email question promptly. Tammy measured the exact dimensions of various poles and beams on my request so I could plan out the lights and extension cords I needed. When it was setup time, they lent us a huge ladder and checked in to make sure everything was going smoothly. The built in bar, buffet table, tables and chairs, and raised platform area for the DJ were all well thought out and made setting up easy. The barn itself is lovely, and really comes alive at night with the edison lights they hung last year. It's a great spot, and I would definitely recommend it if you are getting married in midcoast Maine." - Hannah


We will be on the farm for the duration of the weekend.  We can answer your questions, offer thoughts and lend a hand!