Willis & Josephine Moody founded Harmony Hill Stock Farm in 1946, as a dairy farm. Now in its third generation, local farmers use the land to grow crops, harvest hay and keep bees.


With fond memories of milking cows, haying and swimming in North Pond, I know my grandparents would be proud that their land continues to be used productively and that the community has the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful property and all it has to offer.


Weddings on Harmony Hill

Our guests choose to have their special day on Harmony Hill because of its beauty and rich history.  So far, the largest wedding had 314 guests and many of these guests reported that it was the best wedding they've ever attended.  The smallest wedding was held in the dining room of the farmhouse.  It was simply beautiful, personal and quaint. Harmony Hill Farm is versatile and accommodating to your needs.



We will be on the farm for the duration of the weekend.  We can answer your questions, offer thoughts and lend a hand!